Saturday, June 28, 2014

With all the BS, Why Teach?

I could not sleep after walking the dog in the middle of the night. It had rained and thundered since midday and the dog hates stormy weather. So, at 2;20 AM, I was awakened and got my shoes on and walked the dog. 

Upon making it safely back inside, from a successful dog walk spurspectivel, I grabbed my iPhone and deleted the spam emails. I addicted to social media. There, I admit it I checked the notifications on my Facebook newsfeed and flipped to my Radarscope app to check storm locations. Speed reading the notifications, I noticed a couple of comments on my Summertime 2014 photo album. After clicking on the link and reading and indicating I "Liked" the comments I had one of those rare moments of inspirations to write down my thoughts. Blogging takes a huge effort on my part. I'm a horrible writer. I write the way I talk-- Redneck and proud. 

On the comment notifications, one of my former students and my mother caught my attention. My former student is now a an experienced elementary teacher. She earned a Masters degree and National Board Certified.  She is also my daughter's sister-in-law. She commented on my photo album saying, "it's so funny...when I see your pics each day I think, John [Blake] is so awesome with technology. And then the teacher in me, that has actually grown to enjoy teaching science, remembers how awesome you were as a science teacher and the majority of your pics are about science, weather, and nature! She continues, her comment on Facebook in a reply to my mother's comment discussed below. "I loved having John as a teacher Grandma! We had so much fun in his class because he was passionate about what he was teaching! It makes a difference in the impact you have in your classroom!" 

In a comment by my 88 year old mother and retired college professor, she reminded me to celebrate my successes. Life is like a war. Days with their changes are like battles. Parents can be various types of participants. I've been blessed with loving supportive parents. They still teach. This Favebook comment is a lesson we all need to remember when we are wondering why the hell we got into education or any career. Work hard, be passionate, listen more than you talk, and It's all about the children. 

"You should make a copy of AT's complement and FRAME it!Nice to know your efforts were appreciated!" --Dr. Eugenia Q. Blake. 

Thanks for the kind words Amanda Tedder and thanks for my mother's comments. 

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Keyboard support coming to iPhone?

I read in this post that the new iOS 8 coming this fall will finally add third party keyboard support. 

This was one of the main reasons I did not buy an iPhone 4, passed on the iPhone 4s, reluctantly gave up my Blackberry for an iPhone 5. If Blackberry would have come out with a half way competitive smartphone, I would still be using them. I smiled when I read the above linked article. 

If you are reading this and want to sell a iPhone 5 keyboard, send me a one. If it doesn't kill the battery on my iPhone and it works and does fall apart if carried. I'll by it. If it junk, I'll just keep my mouth shut. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CMS Teacher Recognized

IMG_5808.JPG, originally uploaded by The Blake Slate.

Katie Deihl, 7th grade teacher is recognized at WWAY TV 3 Teacher of the Week.