Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Closeup Image Tip for iPhone 5

image 2: closeup photo
Making closeup images (ref image 2) has been a challenging skill to master with my smartphone. I have been Googling the web for tips on how to create good closeups. I do not want to buy a lens for the phone's camera. I would never have it when I needed it.

image 3: AE/AF Locked
One trick I learned about was to lock the AE/AF by just holding my finger on the screen for several seconds. A box (ref image 1) will appear on the screen under your finger. When the lock feature is turned on, that box will flicker and the words "AE/AF Lock" (ref image 3) will appear on the bottom of the screen above the home button. A single tap of the screen with your finger unlocks it. The trick to making better closeups is focal point. If you hold your hand in front of the smartphone's front lens and hold your finger on the screen just right, the camera will focus on your hand. When the camera's AE/AF in the locked state, you can move the phone's camera lens in the correct location near the part of the plant of object you want to take the image of and make sure its focused by moving the camera to the correct distance way from your subject and it will be in focus.
image 1: that box will blink
when AE/AF is locked

The hard part is to be able to see the screen in adverse lighting conditions. If you want to get technical, try this tip: I am experimenting with holding a ruler and measuring the focal distance from between my hand initially prior to AE/AF locking. Then, moving the ruler to try and measure the distance between what I want to photograph and the camera lens.

You just have to practice. I am still learning. Auto focus is not always my favorite feature.

+Michelle Li , +Anthony Martin