Friday, October 29, 2004

Cyber-Cheating by Mary Ellen Flannery

Years ago, I was called to the media center and was surprised to learn that one of my students had turned in a research paper he had just printed out. I had to hold my breathe to keep from laughing in the students face because he had not even removed the URL printed on the bottom of the suspect document. After a lengthy lecture from the media specialist, and a phone call to the principal, the bottom line was the student earned a zero and was referred to the office for violation of copyright policies. Now, that student owns half the county and makes more before he finishes a hot Krispy-Cream doughnut than I will make the rest of working life. Our students today are even more sly and crafty. A lightening quick text message and deliver the correct answers for all the multiple-choice questions on a final exam that counts one-fifth of the year's grade. High stakes testing requires high tech monitoring. Does your school offer technology training to combat this or are you like most-- still got your head in the sand. Might be time to assess this issue on our campuses.

NEA: NEA Today November 2004

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