Monday, November 22, 2004


The world was their oyster" on Wednesday as students from East
Columbus Magnet Academy (Columbus, GA) and Holmes High School (Edenton,
NC) made outstanding presentations in a live world-wide webcast.
Kudos to all of the students and their proud teachers and schools!

Fascinating sessions by GIS professionals and educators included "What
in the World Is GPS?," "Climate Change and GIS," "Public Health and
GIS," "GIS Careers," and "Visualizing Raleigh's Downtown . . . in 3D."

"We've worked hard to get the entire five hours of presentations made by
students and GIS professionals and educators digitized and archived on
our website. You can relive the excitement (or enjoy it for the first
time) by going to and choosing "Direct Link to Live
Webcast." You'll find many resources, including the speakers'
PowerPoint presentations.

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