Thursday, December 30, 2004

Celebrating Our Heroes: Telling Their Stories with iMovie

While thinking about how to integrate earthquakes/the tsumani in south Asia/natural disaster/ I ran across this idea. Every hero has a story. Heroes are respected for outstanding achievements and personal excellence. The qualities we admire in people usually mirror the values and beliefs that characterize society at a particular time. Therefore, a study of our heroes can lead to a better understanding of the history, attitudes, and forces that have shaped all of us.

This Exhibit brings together four different lessons that address the theme of heroes. They all studied heroes and used iMovie to tell their stories.
Celebrating Our Heroes: Telling Their Stories with iMovie

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Jamie said...

You have a great site and wonderful ideas. I will send this to my friend in CT who teaches physics and will love to see what you are doing. By the way, who wrote the hero unit? I quickly looked at it and it seems fantastic. Happy New Year and the best of luck. Jamie Margolis