Friday, February 25, 2005

Tools for Tech-Savvy Educators

My iPod iTalk
As a classroom teacher, money in not easy to come by. Back in September, our school system awarded Teachers of the Year from each school a modest gift to show their appreciation. As a gadget freak, I immediately thought about buying an iPod with my gift. The fastest way to get my iPod, I drove 56 miles to the nearest Radio-Shack company store and blew my whole gift check. No regrets, not for a second. I use it everyday on my way to and from work to listen to my favorite podcasts. My interest in trying to use it in the classroom has been put on hold. As a teacher in an alternative school, my worst fear is that one of my students would figure a way to releave me of my prized possessions. They are smart and crafty. We have had equipment "spring legs" and dissappear. So, there is no way I would let them know I even have it in the building. I purchased an iTalk while visiting the Apple Store in Durham. Last week, I noticed that Griffin had a neat lapel mic for around $15. LapelMic .

I have been drooling over the 60GB iPod Photo since it made it debute. When the iPod photo was released, it wasn't long before as a want-to-be digital photographer, I was hoping to use the device in my classroom but disappointment that it couldn't transfer pictures from a camera directly to the iPod and then immediately view those pictures on it. You had to process the pictures with a computer first. Now, according to MacWorld sources, Apple has addressed this problem with the $29 iPod Camera Connector. Not sure exactly how the device is suppose to work, maybe someone has some info on that. When this device is released in late March, photographers will be able to transfer and view pictures on the iPod without the need of a computer. This along with the 60GB iPod photo's new $449 should make it a must-have gadget for digital photography enthusiasts. Hum, I better start picking up beer cans and taking them to the recycling center. Oh, I could sell some of my have it...sell my brain on eBay...I would not get much for that.

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