Friday, October 14, 2005

The Gift of ADHD

Studies suggest that many of the traits kids with ADHD exhibit can be expressions of deeper gifts: powerful imagination, searching insight and unusual other words get off the ritalin, if your doctor tells you. As a classroom teacher, we are not allowed to discuss medication with students. However, every time a big story comes out in the media, teachers a bombarded with questions from their peers. This article is for information to my readers. Bottom line to me is if a student in my classroom is out of control to the point that the student totally distracts and interupts the learning process for more than a week, and the parents are not getting a divorce--then if the student is not on meds, I have to start taking mine...Thank God for extreme workouts in the gym. That is my 'medication.' I think most the issues with the students I have run into has been just that: they are couch potatoes, in homes of couch potatoes and no one gives a crap. The worst ones have been addicted to smoking (all types of 'smokes') and experimenting with other self-medications. The true ADHD students I have taught or attempted to tolerate in a class, have only been successful when they either learn to use the computer and pour all their energy in to that--I read that reading email makes you just as dumb as if you are smoking a joint, not sure if that is true, but computers calm some of the worst cases. The other thing is to get the ADHD student on a football field. Bamm! Let them get their thrills by cracking helmets for a few months. That has a way of helping them focus in class the next day. Just my two cents worth....

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