Thursday, May 11, 2006

What might we do to introduce a virus into MySpac"z"?

David Warlick posted an article about teachers reading student's MySpac"z". Well, yesterday, while walking around my classroom, I paused to monitor the conversation of a cooperative learning group. Student were preparing their storyboard for my science class. They had not managed their time well, and I was concerned that they had not submitted their script. They realized, the time needed face-to-face and pulled out their cellphones and made themselves memos of what time they would be online that evening so they could work through their script before coming to class today. They actually are using instant messanger, cellphone, and posting the rough draft and making corrections on the movie script on MySpacz. How do I know they are, because they are back on schedule with their project. They told me they worked on the project until 1 am this morning. No telling hour fast they could have gotten the same task done in class, but that is not the point. Students have their own reality or lack-of and are learning to manage their time. I can see this group of students doing the same things that my daughter that works for SAS Institute-- they work, and go home and work. They are doing what it takes to accomplish the task, to reach their goal. That is what I think I teach that is the most important skill. They will not remember the chemical forumla for caffeine or the difference between the law of superposition and law of faunal succession, but this is why I teach. It is what makes me tie my shoe laces and put up with all the bad behavior and kids that think school is boring. I just smile and remember that we have to focus on the positives.

I know "MySpacz" is blocked in my school district, but students understand why and use their face-to-face class time for brainstorming, and asking questions. I do not know the url for my student's MySpacz site, and it is not cool for teachers to ask... Some of students in Whiteville, NC are IMHO-- digital natives.

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