Friday, December 29, 2006

How I Used My Internet Time in 2006's new features have taken up hours of my vacation time. But, I am not complaining here. As a Bloggerhead since 2004, the updates are past-due. A quick glance at the number of blog post made by me during 2006 vs. 2005, one can immediately note that I have not posted on a regular basis. A 50% reduction of posts in significant. One can attribute this to user-friendly features of WordPress blogs. It could be a result of other interests. YouTube, Google Video, and even Embarq's video just to name a few. Learning to embed video content into my class Moodle and using clips to enhance learning has captured some of my online surfing and attention in 2006.

Looking at my Blogroll, I must have spent more time online reading what others are saying. I have been spending time shopping, and viewing photos on Flickr and Google. Hours and hours of this past year was eaten up reading posts. Tech industry rumors and news, gadgets, and blogs by educators also grabbed my attention.

2007 is just around the corner, and who knows what new web apps will grab my attention and eat up my down time.

My Random 2007 Predictions:
  • Apple will continue to postpone unveiling their cellular device.
  • China will buy Google or Yahoo or both.
  • Public education will pay teachers what they are worth.
  • Discovery Education will be bought out by Walmart.
  • Email will be replaced by enhanced mental telepathy or laser powered paper cups and strings.

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