Sunday, March 04, 2007

YouTube Fight Club - muy malo

“Doing it to Post on You Tube” « Haulin’ ‘Net

15 boys from Lee Senior HS in Sanford, NC were suspended and arrested for staging fighting events in the school lavatory prior to the school day. The 21st century kicker is that they were filming the fights and posting the New Media to You Tube.

Very one wants to have their own 15 minutes of fame, but holding a pre-school bathroom brawl is taking it to a new level. I know a couple of teachers at Lee Senior and I can not wait to contact them and ask them which bathroom they have duty in now... Not to make fun of this, I do not blame the teachers or the school. If these kids wanted to fight, they could have held their matches anywhere they wanted. I still do not understand why the school? Was it because they had first period computer class and conspired to use the school's network to upload their videos? Is YouTube blocked on their network? If not, how many times were the movies viewed on the Lee Senior network?

The sad thing is that these kids are not going to be denied a education, they are probably heading for the Lee County alternative school program. So, watch out alternative school, you are going to have your hands full. Maybe Lee Senior should start a boxing program.

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