Friday, May 18, 2007

Surviving Spring Cold-Motorcycle Rally Week-EOGs

Coughing, scratchy throat, chills, no energy and to top that off- gas prices that border on insane. These days it is a challenge to stay positive. This week has been motorcycle rally at Myrtle Beach, and at 11 p.m., I can hear the rumble of their motors as they pass along the highway nearby. I am not really sure what a spring cold has to do the motorcycles, much less what it has to do with education. But, it is what our classroom must be like to our kids. They have the rumble of their personal lives pounding in their heads much like standing beside the highway and watching to flashy bikes parade to the beach. They, like me, have their minds elsewhere. Still, high stakes testing, and the fear of failure, hovers over their environment like a spring cough. Never able to get comfortable. Then when they think they have it under control, it is something else.

To make my spring cold bearable, I my antihistamines, cough drops, expectorants, and soft tissues. I can pull up videos of motorcycle riders on the web and watch news coverage on a South Carolina TV station. Most of my needs are meet. On the other hands, the needs of my students, preparing for their EOG and EOCs is not very warm and fuzzy. We make them sit in a classroom, drill and practice, review and recite, and feed them popcorn and pat them on the backs and tell them how well they will do if they just try.

Teachers are not just sources of information, we have to coach students. Sometimes, it is not pretty. Surviving EOG and EOCs in North Carolina is like trying to stand be side a highway with a group of puppies on motorcycle rally week with a spring cold.

If it don't kill you, it has to make you stronger.

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