Wednesday, April 07, 2010

iPad Running Windows 7 and Word?

The complaint I heard loud and clear from a parent about having Apple computers was "why a Mac"? He was quick to point out that the hospital where his wife worked used only PC and his CAD software was PC only. Schools are facing horrible budgets and still must not leave any teachers or children behind. What if you could actually run serious number crunching programs the school already owns, and edit videos on whatever computer or device available. The iPad has it limits but lots of potential with creative IT. I have changed my mind about using the iPad. After watching a demo from the folks at Citrix, my head is spinning. Their cloud computing solution looks promising. I am not sure about how it would perform with 600-700 devices trying to access it at one time, day after day. Using a server based portal, learners could fire up their iPad, iPhone, MacBook, netbook, or even legacy or refurbished PC desktops, and wirelessly launch Word, Excel, or CAD software. Take a look at this video and with a little imagination, think about how a state-wide initiative could deliver software solutions to the classrooms and run on whatever device the student has available. Droid phones, Blackberry, and Windows based phones.

Maybe instead of the school buying/leasing computers, we should instead invest in cloud computing solutions. Then, allow the kids and their parents decide PC, MAC, smartphone, netbook, tablet, or android. My biggest concern, is that does not address the digital divide. Who will help those kids in homes with that still do not have any of the above?

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