Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Using Moodle to Support Our Guest Lecturer

My class has been experimenting with using Moodle this semester. We are trying something interesting with a discussion forum. Our students are learning about how scientists use photography in their studies. In one of the listserves I subscribe to I read a post detailing a lecture in a city three hours away from our school. The presentation was a perfect fit for my students in our Photography in Science course- “using high-speed photography.” I had a schedule conflict and could not attend. So, I sent an email to the physics professor and inquired as to the possibility of having the demonstration presented at my school. My mother always told me "you never know 'til you ask." Within a few minutes, I received a very supportive reply. The professor was more than happy to donate time and expertise to students. But, this was not the best part.

In a follow-up email, I mentioned to the professor how our students have been using Moodle. The professor suggested an interesting preliminary activity. So, I have setup my Moodle course so the guest lecturer can set up and lead a forum discussion with my students. I have no idea how this will work, but what a great example of a learning community. Prior to a guest lecturer, my students will be able to ask questions about high-speed photography. This week, my students are researching the historical scientific debate between the Relativity and Newtonian Mechanics and the nature of light and gravity. They are creating videos of this debate.

I will post updates of how this activity comes out...

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