Saturday, March 26, 2005

Technology Blackout Day

About the Day
Imagine one full day without technology...

The lesson plans, activities and supporting materials within their Website will help you and your students take a journey through time that examines the impact of technology on our society. Imagine the impact that technology will have on students entering the 21st century workforce and the possibilities inherent in a technology literate society.

Modern technologies have revolutionized business and enhance teaching and learning with data driven decision making, curriculum management for individualized instruction, and online learning that helps close the achievement gap and builds teacher quality and retention.

Hopefully through partisipating students, teachers and parents will realize the importance of technology today and it's growing impact on students entering the 21st century workforce as well as the obvious possibilities if our nation develops (delete fully)a technology literate society. The Imagine A Technology Blackout Day can be a short exercise on April 20th, or a more comprehensive process of self exploration throughout the course of a few weeks or a month. Prizes will be awarded randomly to participants who submit their results on or before May 20th, 2005.

Beginning with a brief overview and technology timeline, your students may develop their own definition of technology and analyze the impact that innovation has had on their daily lives and our nation. Addressing state standards in social studies and language arts, Imagine A Technology Blackout Day will also reinforce efficacy, innovation, traditional literacy and technology skills.

Participating in this important excercise is FREE! It is a great way to introduce the topic of technology's role in society and offer some exciting changes to win great prizes when you submit your results!

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