Sunday, August 14, 2005

The future of broadcasting

As a teenager, I worked at a local FM radio station (1972-73). The only part of the broadcast schedule they would let me work was from 6 A.M Sunday morning, until 1:30 P.M. that afternoon. I would occassionally work other schedules to fill-in. It was a magical job for me. A miserable summer spent mending a broken arm from sliding in home plate while playing baseball and a reel to reel reocorder and microphone had given me the bug. I hooked up a record player using patch cables to the recorder and practiced announcing the hits like Dick Clark on his American Bandstand show. I asked a friend of mine about working at the radio station and he told me I needed a FCC Radio Licenses to work there. He gave me the address and I mailed off for the documents. Knowing all the time, I would be the next Wolfman Jack. Fast forward...podcasting? It ain't as easy as it looks. I have tried it. I still do not have the talent of Wolfman Jack and never will have the voice of a Dick Clark. But, I still love the mixing and controlling the audio input. I will be attempting to create some podcasts this coming school year with my students. I want to teach them how to create the podcast. Maybe they will catch the bug. That is what I love about teaching.
owrede_log: The future of broadcasting

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