Monday, November 06, 2006

High Schoolers on "Pottie Lock Down"?

Talk about cracking down... This article appeared in our media.  I had to blog it.  First, I applaud the administration for addressing the issue of discipline.  However, there are probably more to the the story that is reported.
Kristen Hughes says if she and her classmates are going to be treated like kindergarteners, they should at least get recess and nap time.

The West Brunswick High School student is reacting to new policies established in the wake of several incidents.

School officials began revoking student privileges after three bathroom trash cans were set on fire and fire alarms pulled intentionally. Each incident required an evacuation, cutting into class time for students and teachers.

Security cameras helped catch the culprits, who were apparently smoking in the restroom during times they should have been in class or on their way to lunch. Now, teachers must escort students to the bathroom and to the cafeteria.

The last school I worked in had bathroom issues, so teachers were assigned bathroom duty. Between classes, one of our teachers dashed to the student bathroom and stood in there. If possible, the teach slipped in a few seconds before the bell, stand in the stall, and when the smokers lit up, walk out and lead the offenders to the office and report the incident. Teachers can not take a smoke break, go drink a cup of coffee, or call on their cell phone to see if their nail appointment can be changed to another day. Teachers are not suppose to even be able to go to the bathroom themselves. That is why so many of us have bladder and kidney problems.

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