Friday, November 03, 2006

Professional Development Ideas

Our school subscribes to UnitedStreaming. This connection with Google Earth is interesting. I am personnally interested in learning how these tools can help our students learn math skills. Our math scores on standardized tests are horrible. The scores are showing growth, but they are still very low. This only means we must think outside the box to reach our learners.

The challenge is to find time to retool our staff. Discovery has the right idea- Professional development is critical. I will not try to use new strategies without some idea of how to do it.

Develop Dynamic Lessons for Geography, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts Using Google Earth and Google SketchUp! > Professional Development > Project Demonstrations

Discovery Education and Google have created a series of lesson plans that bring together unitedstreaming video and images with two of Google's products, Google Earth and Google SketchUp. Available for elementary-, middle-, and high-school classrooms, these lessons, tutorials, and demonstrations represent a unique method of incorporating digital media into the curriculum.

Project Demonstrations > Professional Development > Project Demonstrations

Visit the Project Demonstrations page to review and download sample Google Earth and Google SketchUp lessons, tutorials, and getting-started guides, as well as demonstrations of completed projects. Additional lessons and projects are available for popular educational software - e.g., creating digital stories with Adobe Premiere Elements, brainstorming activities with Inspiration, or incorporating interactive whiteboards into your classroom activities. Each project area contains lesson plans tied to state standards, examples of integration of digital media, templates, and tutorials on how to integrate unitedstreaming content.

Webinars and Webinar Workshops > Professional Development > Live Online Webinar Sessions > Webinar Workshops

You can attend complimentary webinars (30-minute Web- and phone-based tutorials) on using Google Earth, SketchUp, and other software to develop classroom projects for your curriculum. Sign up at

Our online instructors are eager to collaborate with you to develop a customized Webinar Workshop that supports your school-based in-service. These sessions combine live online instruction with hands-on activities in your computer lab.

Choose a half- or full-day session, which give teachers ample time to create classroom projects. Participants will view multimedia examples, learn how to integrate unitedstreaming content with software they already have and use digital media to enhance student learning. Select a subject area that's right for your group.

Contact your Account Representative today at 800.323.9084 to schedule a Webinar Workshop.

Conducting a Staff Development Session? Use Interactive Training As a Pre-Requisite! > Professional Development > Interactive Training

To prepare for an upcoming staff development session on technology, have your participants complete the online Interactive Tutorial. With this engaging series of lessons, teachers can learn online at their own pace, print a certificate after successfully completing each lesson, and submit certificates and assignments to their staff development coordinator for possible continuing education credit. Each lesson is equivalent to a half-hour online and two hours offline doing related activities.

Lesson 1: Features and Navigation
Learn to use the features and resources that correlate to your curriculum, subject area, and grade level.

Lesson 2: Integration Strategies
Learn to use digital media to create multimedia lesson plans with PowerPoint and Inspiration.

Lesson 3: Differentiated Instruction
Explore ways digital media can be used to meet the diverse needs of students.

Lesson 4: Teacher Training and Technical Considerations
Examine strategies, support materials, and technical considerations for training other teachers.

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