Sunday, April 03, 2005

Vacation is Over--

Well. I have not posted anything on this site since last Saturday. I have been resting my brain. Not completely resting, but I have just not put any energy into thinking. Unless you consider picking out which pair of blue jeans to put on as a major negociation. Teaching is stressful because we are constantly making decissions. Hundreds of decissions per hour is not unrealistic. Which student to help next, who needs remediation, what worked the last time a student had trouble with understanding plate tectonics, how long should we spend on faulting, why does Johnnie hate Billy, did you turn off the coffee pot at home...

So, it is time to think about exactly what we can fit into the last seven weeks of school. Pacing guides work fine when you have average students. I have not looked at it in a while. We cover as much material as we can. If my students have not mastered a concept, I reteach it. We use multiple strategies to cover the topics. Time to write some lesson plans.

Monday will be a double-whammie: Daylight Savings Time started Sunday morning, our body's time clock tells us that it is 6 AM, but we feel like it is still 5 AM. Plus, we have been out of school on break and the students have had no one telling them to do a thing. Blogging is hard work, but teaching is ten times more challenging.

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