Monday, May 09, 2005

Computers 'should track truant pupils'

We contacted this British company today to see it their product is available here. Could this help in our school? Not really. The kids we have that are really difficult to manage, do not seem "parents" to contact via telephon, much less email. However, the other features like weekly reports may help identify students that need to be referred to an alternative school setting. Could be interesting.
Computers 'should track truant pupils': "Tuesday, 3rd May 2005
Computers 'should track truant pupils'
TEACHERS should use computer tracking systems to combat truancy and bad behaviour in schools, education secretary Ruth Kelly says.Under Labour plans, parents will be sent text messages or e-mails from schools telling if children misbehave or skip lessons.Ms Kelly wants to see more schools using IT programmes to give parents 'real time' information on their children amid growing concerns over standards of behavior said: 'We are seeing an improvement in the tackling of persistent truancy.'But I want schools to use the new hi-tech options available to monitor attendance and get parents to help improve their children's attitude."

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