Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Education Podcast Network

Check out this short clip of my podcast from David Warlick's first look at my iPod with it iTalk attached. I asked him if I could interview him right after his keynote address and this is what he had to say about podcasting.

The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century.
Most of the producers of these programs are educators, who have found an avenue through which they can share their knowledge, insights, and passions for teaching and learning and for the stories that they relish and teach. The directory will grow as more people come forward with their stories and ideas, and we hope that you will start to share your ideas with the larger education community by producing your own program.

I remember walking up to David Warlick at NCET conference in Greensboro, Dec. 2, 2004, where I introduced David to podcasting. I approached him with my Griffin iTalk and shiny new iPod and shoving the device in his face I asked: "do you mind if I record a podcast about your keynote address?" He looked at it and said "what is that"? I still have the .WAV file stored on my PowerBook and converted it to MP3 some time ago. I searched my hard drive and could not find it. I need to reinstall LAMELib on my Macintosh so Audacity can export the .WAV file to MP3 so I can post his initial comments about podcasting and how it fits into the whole picture of digital literacy.

The Education Podcast Network

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