Thursday, June 23, 2005

Embedding QuickTime

Embedding QuickTime: "Using a poster movie in your web page
A poster movie is when the web page has a
still image chosen from the movie used as a 'button' that when
clicked on by the viewer loads the actual movie. This is a
nice way to create a professional-looking page without annoying
the viewer by waiting for a movie to load every time they look
at your web page.
You may export a frame from your movie within
iMovie by following these simple steps:
Move the play head along the scrubber
bar to the frame you wish to export.

Choose File - Save Frame As from the File

Give the file a one word easy to remember

Save it as a JPEG file with the file extension, .jpg (ie%u2026 posterframe.jpg)

Create a new project in iMovie

Import the jpeg into your movie and drag
it to the timeline

Click on the clip and then in the textbox
at the top of the timeline window and make the clip have
a duration of 00:00:01 (one frame).

Export this movie from the File - Export
menu option, name the movie and click

Add the following HTML code to your page.
The changes are in bold.

This HTML instruction tells the browser to
load the postermovie and if the user clicks on it, get the
actual movie."

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