Monday, June 20, 2005

TWiT Episode 10 is Online

It's Episode 10 and TWiT goes double digits.

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Robert Heron, David Prager, and Yoshi DeHererra. As a fan of the now cancelled Screensavers cable tv show, I enjoy listening to the techie topics on this cool podcast. Due to bandwidth issues and trying to distribute the show using Bittorrent. If you need to know more about how to set that up, read the instructions on the The Week In Tech (TWiT) site and download and install needed program. Not the easiest way, but it works.

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Michael G said...

Did you post the article on digg: win a flickr pro account? If so I wanted to add your email address as the referall. Can you send it please?

Michael G said...

Sorry, I didnt read thew whole thing, the contest ended in May,.... Thanks anyway.