Thursday, December 15, 2005

Merry Christmas From The RIAA

The music industry dropped 751 copyright-infringement lawsuits in the mail today. Today in my computer class, we were editing their iMovie. I did not read about this "Christmas Present" until after class was over. My students wanted to use their favorite rap star's music to play in the background of their iMovie. We took the time to mention copyright laws. They do not understand it is against the law. My student reply to my mini-lecture on copyright was--"it ain't against the law Mr. Blake, until you get caught."

We live in a challenging world.

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Hall Davidson said...

John, your students can use their rap music in their iMovies--legally. (Assuming that these are legally acquired CD's or downloads, not bootlegs). Students have great latitude in the classroom when doing projects related to instruction. Copyright was NEVER established to protect the rights of artist, it was set up to "promote science [education] and the useful arts." The RIAA is chopping away at illegal acquisitions and home (entertainment) use. There is a major difference between school and home. Under the copyright laws and guidelines, school is a VERY special place, entitled to rights equaled only by the free press. For details, download the chart at There is a chart for teachers, and one for administrators, which I originally wrote for Technology & Learning Magazine. The next article if for students.