Friday, July 21, 2006

Jellyfish swam N.C. shoreline

My daughter is visiting friends at the beach.  I hope she does not get stung. 

Here is what to watch for: (I know she is not reading this but, it makes me feel better)

CAROLINA BEACH -- Biologists at the Fort Fisher Aquarium say the recent tropical storm may be to blame for an over-abundance of jellyfish in local waters.

Several people are recovering Thursday from painful stings they got at Carolina Beach.

They're fun to see all lit up in an aquarium tank, but you don't want to run into jellyfish out in open water. Unfortunately our shore is seeing a spike in jellyfish numbers.

Fort Fisher aquarist Sandra Johnson said, "The recent tropical storm and other storms we might have during the summer just increases the wind speed, and jellies are dependent on winds and currents, so that pushes them ashore."  Source: webpage.

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aquaken said...

Big story on NPR this afternoon about a massive jellyfish bloom off the coast of Africa, possibly linked to overfishing that eliminated the fish species that once occupied the niche now being filled by jellies. Good link in the web companion piece to Monterey Bay Aquarium's sustainable seafood program. Check it out:

John Blake said...

Thanks "aquaken" for commenting on my post, here is the complete link to the great story you mentioned