Saturday, July 01, 2006

Microsoft demos Vista on a MacBook Pro

"No, this isn't some marketing goof up, where Windows is superimposed over a piece of Apple hardware with the logo removed. Microsoft actully loaded Windows Vista on a piece of Mac hardware and presented with it."
Ok, I know this may not seem revolutionary to educational readers at first glance. However, I would love to have Apple computers that would run on our Novell network for our students to use. It will be interesting to see how schools react to this "blending" of operating systems. I have x dollars budgeted for technology, and probably will not ever have enough money to buy a new computers to replace our old desktop PCs. I hope Apple comes out with a new eMac that will run XP or Vista.

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Beth Knittle said...

I work in a windows world with a novell network, I am a devoted mac user. Our Ed. Tech department (of which I am a member) just bought some 17in macbook pros. We hope to get some teachers to do podcast and vodcast with the machines. We recognize that the mac is the best tool for this job. We met with an Apple sales rep and engineer to discuss getting these machines on our network. They recomended kanaka, we will test this out. I would love to see a more blended use of the platforms. It is after all about getting the best tool for the job, and in the area of content creation Apple is the best tool.

John Blake said...

Thanks Beth! I have fowarded this info to our network admin. Kanaka is not cheap, but we will only need less the less than 20 package. I also have found a document that This is interesting for use since we have so few Apples. I had my students create podcasts all this past school year. They struggled with the process, but liked the idea of being "online." So this motivated them to strive to generate a quality product. That is what it is all about!