Sunday, July 02, 2006

'Morning After' Sunburn Cream Could Prevent Cancer

The "morning after" lotion is called Dimericine. Dimericine is basically an enzyme cream that repairs the skin's damaged DNA. The body does this process naturally, but this cream would significantly speed it up. My family is heading for a day at the lake. July 4th, if it does not pour down rain, usually means time on the pier and a sun burn. Mowing grass in the summer is another time I expose my ashy white skin to the cancer causing rays from the Sun. May stories about how sunscreens do not protect us from the damage of too much Sun have been written these past few months. Maybe I need to check into some of this 'Morning After' cream. Chances are that the cost of it may be prohibitive on a school teachers salary. Wonder if our State Teacher's health insurance would cover the costs. Probably would cost full price since it may not have "generic" brand available. Makes me want to keep the laptop running inside with the AC on. But, it is the Fourth of July and time to party. Life is short. Time to have a little fun. Just got to remember to sit in the shade.

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