Thursday, June 14, 2007

eBay and Jericho

Last night, I watched an episode the CBS TV series Jericho. It was one of few that I messed. It was titled "Black Jack", (original airdate: 2/28/07). This morning I was listening to a CNN news report. The story was about the recent PCWorld article. The article reports on how eBay is trying to reduce fraud. A light bulb came on in my head. I remembered the general idea of a line in "Black Jack" that goes something like this:

As the characters walk into a secured, guarded, "barter town" in a search for needed equipment, one of the characters commented that the compound was "sort of like eBay". The booths with their vendors, and shoppers are shown peacefully bargaining and trading on the surface it looked easy. The camera cuts to a shot of a body that had been hanged as punishment for stealing, another character commented..."maybe not".

As a fan of Jericho, and someone that has been spammed by eBay-look-a likes, and one that stays away from eBay, maybe I will change my mind about using eBay. Maybe not. EBay will not hang fraudulent eBay folks. Someone is always going to keep trying to beat the system.

I do know that I will be watching the new series and the reruns of episodes July 6th.

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