Thursday, June 28, 2007

Packing my bags for Model Schools Conference

Which gadgets to take, and which ones to leave home?  Currently, I have a heavy computer bag and a smaller one.  In preparing for this trip, I have decided to try to pack my cloths in a carry-on bag and take my smaller computer bag with me.  So, I have to decide what to carry.

Items on my want to carry list:
  1. Laptop & power cable

    From view album

  2. iPod video & cable

  3. Podcasting Recording Device

    • ZOOM H4
    • Rechargeable AA batteries w/charger
    • AC adapter for the ZOOM

  4. Still Camera
    • Sony Cyber-shot

    • Sony charger w/extra battery

    • Misc: Flash drives, pens,  (small stuff)
  5. Video Camera
    • Panasonic PV-GS160
    • Charger

  6. Computer bag (smaller one)
Now if all this will fit into the small bag.  If not, I guess I will check my luggage and hold my breathe that is will make to the airport. 

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