Thursday, June 28, 2007

Twitterrific Version 2.2

Ok...calling all Twittheads, coming to a conference room real soon- Cmd-B will now open up a list of folks tapping the keys as they Tweet their hearts away. If you have your laptop out and you have updated to the latest version of Twitterrific, you will notice your friends avatar image will have a white outline. Does anyone worry about this but me? I am still not sure I will try installing Twitterrific on my classroom iBooks. If so, it will be setup on a special user account which is not available to students all the time. For example, I my install Twitterrific on a user account for use during a specific technology part of the class.

On second thought, I need to check our district's Internet Use Policy. I do not think they will allow students to use Twitter. AIM is blocked already. "Disruptive" technology strikes again.

Version 2.2 - TBD

WWDC Special Edition

New Features

• Twitterrific now scans for other users on the local network using Bonjour. When your friends are "close by" their avatar image will have a white outline. You can also use Cmd-B to see a list of all people on the local network that are using Twitterrific and their last tweet. Hopefully, this will be effective in environments where Twitter users are in the same physical space (such as WWDC.) Thanks to Jack Dorsey for the idea.

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