Friday, January 07, 2005

My GigaDial Station

Lots going on here in southeastern NC. The weather this week has been wonderful. Temps in the 70's- in the Winter! Hard to focus on teaching. I am thinkful that the first week back is only a three day week. Next week is a long one. I was listening to The Evil Genius Chronicles created by Conway, South Carolina's own Dave Slusher. Dave mentioned how he uses a tool called GigaDial to listen to podcast. Matt Bischoff also uses this tool. In an effort to try to better organize the podcasts I listen to and hopefully share the them with fellow educators, I set up a "station": Leave podcasts into my GigaDial-inbox!

If you have a podcast related to k-12 education click on this button and add the podcast to my station. When your browser opens my station page, to add a podcast, just copy and paste its url into the window at the top of the page. If you have listened to a podcast that is listed on Gigadial you can add the url from the list of podcasts.

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