Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Will Our School become a Windows Switcher?

eSchool News online story of how this writer thinks schools will use the Mac Mini

Here are my thoughts on this issue...

ok, using the school discount, I have configured a Mac Mini for my school and with 1.42 GHz and 80GB Ultra ATA drive, SuperDrive (a must for classrooms creating multimedia presentations), 512 MC DDR333 SCRAM - 1 memory-- $736.00

Wired keyboard and mouse set $52.00

Apple Protection Plan $99.00

without the monitor, is only $887.

This is not bad, but it has a couple of issues. When you plug in the mouse and keyboard, there is only one extra USB port. This is acceptable for me in that all my printers are networked. If you have a scanner or plan to use PDAs, you will need to throw in a cheap USB Hub to the cost of the Mac Mini. I would have to use the Apple keyboards unless we can find inexpensive PS2 to USB converter plugs. The ones I have seen so far, are $25.00 each. That would cost - $50. That is why I picked the Apple mouse/keyboards for $52.00.

I never was much on math, but for my money, I like the iMac configured for schools with 512 MB, 80 GB drive and Superdrive
$1,585.00 with APP. Then, we could wait for the possible iBooks with G5s coming this fall. We will not have our money until then, so...forget the Mac Mini, I vote to hold out til the fall and see what is gonig on then.

Buy yourself a Mac Mini for home and enjoy not having to worry with all the PC Blue Screens of Death, and email viruses and worms. "Life is Random"..."Live Long and Prosper"..."the check is in the mail"..."have a nice day"--OUT!

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