Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Techno-lust Or Techno-Envy?

Head on over to Apple's site and check out the new tech toys. The new iPod Shuttle is a must for Valentine's Day. I am glad I did not spring for a second iPod for the gym. I tried to carry my iPod Gen4 in my gym shorts pocket, but on the treadmill, it almost pulls my pants down. I never listen to over a handful of up-tempo songs while working out. 512 Meg will be perfect for me. Got to get my wife one too. Maybe, I will just get her one. She likes the iPod I have except that it is too expensive and too heavy for her when she works out. So, for our families point of view, the iPod Shuffle is right in line with our wants.

Will schools adopt this Mini- Mac

1.42GHz PowerPC G4 (this is nice processor in the iBook. Fast enough for word processing, surfing the net and 99% of what schools use computers for)
256MB DDR333 SDRAM (needs at least 512MB, and can be purchased cheaper from Crucial.com or several other vendors)
ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB DDR video memory (adequate?)
80GB Ultra ATA hard drive (Got to spring for this one over the $499 model)
Combo drive (forget this option, got to go with the SuperDrive!)
DVI or VGA video output-- (this blew me away, look for a reburb Cinema Screen, I saw one for less than $550. They will be dropping, Apple dropped the price on the 20 inch Cinema Display too $899 for educators, now that is a deal.
AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth optional Got to have these features. Bluetooth 2.0 is much faster, and a great plus to have and wireless is nice so you do not have to look at the ugly wires.

Which out, you might better spring for the iMac. I want the Mini Mac / Mac Mini to replace the CPUs in my computer lab at school and keep the old monitors.

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