Saturday, January 15, 2005

What to See Me on TV?

Click the link above to navigate to the video clip that features my when I worked at Whiteville High School. I am in the second part of the video. If you have high speed Internet, you can click on this link. It uses Real Player.



Advanced Technology Competencies: From In-Service to the Classroom
On-line professional development offered by the Department of Public Instruction through LearnNC's Learning Space. Visit the Course Website to read the course description. There is no charge for this course; and it is entirely independent and self-paced. It is technology-intensive and may fulfill your school system's requirments for technology credits.

Professional Development Series 
Five teleconferences and one facilitator video archived on the web

Course Web Site-requires a LearnNC Account
Account and Course Registration
* email confirmation may take over 24 hours (course is free, LearnNC account not required).

North Carolina Educators may borrow videotapes of these programs from the NCDPI Video Library.
Schools outside of NC may purchase programs from Western Illinois University' Curriculum Clearinghouse (scroll to Starschools)


Program 1  Practical Application of the NC Computer Skills Curriculum

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