Saturday, April 29, 2006

Flock on Windows XP

Flock is really an interesting blogging editor. I have several blogs, and trying to keep them current, is a real challenge. Now, with the aid of Flock, the process is manageable. I am going to try one of its features called Drag stuff to blog it! This is a window that users can add content to a blog post on the run. This feature is a perfect example of Web 2.0 enhanced tools. When I work with my students on blogging ideas about science topics we are covering in class, this Drag stuff to blog it! feature in Flock will be popular. I can see them dragging the image of the lab observations, field trips, digital storytelling, and their favorite photo of the latest rims for their Pimped out Ride. Sometimes, they have to blog stuff that is relevant to them. This really a great editor.

Now, will Flock work with David Warlick's ClassBlogmeister? I am going to try it this weekend and blog my results.

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