Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Symposiums at NWA

This week in our weekly teachers meeting, our teachers decided to all try to help expose our students to literary terms. We have a list of over a hundred terms. While surfing the Internet during our Spring Break, I came across fd's flickr toys, which is a third party plug-in (I guess that is what it is called). I never thought my students would like using it as much as they did. However, they experienced several issues trying to locate images that illustrated the literary term they wanted to work on. Each Friday, we try to team teach our middle school students so we can have a block of time to work on projects that just can not be started and stopped without cleaning up. Our school has both middle and high school students using the same classrooms and we have not time between class changes to reset up, so by blocking our 8:30 - 11:00 into one class, we have been taking advantage it.

I have posted some example images from our students. We (Genie Palmer, art and social studies teacher and me) facilitated these activites. The most recent project: Literary Terms editied to look like Motivational Posters.

Below is a mosaic of some of the images of models of fish our students made.

Middle School Fish Model Projects

Bobby, NWA Student with Fish Project, 2. Fish Project, 3. Fish project, 4. Marcus, NWA student with his fish project, 5. Fish project, 6. Fish project

Below are a few examples of how our students animated mitosis cell division in another one of our Friday blocks. Maybe we need to call the learning lab activities, or Friday Symposiums-- oh, I like that! Dang that sounds important.

Claymation - Mitosis Cell Division

1. AOC claymation activity 2006, 2. March at NWA, 3. March at NWA, 4. March at NWA

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